Car camera PROFIO tracking Cam X1 - FULL HD 1080 Dual WiFi - with LIVE GPS tracking via app in mobile + 3G data transfer

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Car camera PROFIO tracking Cam X 1 - FULL HD 1080 Dual WiFi - with LIVE GPS tracking via app in mobile + 3G data transfer. The world's first camera what offers online GPS vehicle tracking via the mobile app and view of LIVE image from the camera.
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Car camera PROFIO tracking Cam X 1 - FULL HD 1080 Dual WiFi - with LIVE GPS tracking via app in mobile + 3G data transfer.  Unique brand PROFIO world's first camera what offers online GPS vehicle tracking via the mobile app and view of LIVE image from the camera. It is a dual-car camcorder (front and interior) where the front camera has a FULL HD 1920x1080px resolution at 30 frames per second with an angle of 140 degrees and with 3G and WiFi support. Images are stored on a supported micro SD memory card up to 32GB. The body of the camera is made of high-quality materials, what makes it resistant to high temperatures or extreme cold.

The PROFIO Tracking CAM X1 is the perfect and sophisticated way to increase your car's safety by constantly monitoring or a complex solution for firms for monitoring of  their vehicles park.


After inserting the SIM card into your camcorder, it will create a 3G WiFi access point (you need to have activated data services on the SIM card) and you can enjoy surfing the internet anytime and anywhere. You can watch live video footage from the camera via a freely available mobile application (Android/iOS support )called "Car Matrix". With this app it is also possible to track online GPS position of the vehicle on the map. The cabling set is designed for direct connection to the 12/24V fuse box, allowing the car camera to be powered permanently. An advantage is a dual lens that provide the records of either the front or rear (interior) camera including sound (you can also turn off the sound recording). The interior camera has an IR night vision that can illuminate the entire space of the vehicle at night.

car dvr with live gps tracking

Using applications on your mobile phone or tablet, you can connect to your vehicle.
The map displays its current location with time, speed and GPS coordinates. The app also supports Live View.

car camera live monitoring gps

Enjoy free GPS tracking service directly via the web interface.

You do not need to install any additional software on your PC. Everything is available through the internet from a web browser on your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. The basic function is tracking a motor vehicle, whether a car or a truck. If the vehicle is online, you will see its current location on the map and you can continue to track its route. If it's offline, its last known location will be displayed. Each vehicle has its own ID number after registration, and with using this ID you can find the driving records in your driving history. After you launch the archived ride, you can see the movement on the map. In detailed schedule, you can see at what time and at what address the exact vehicle was at that moment. Individual stops of the vehicle are marked with a red flag on the map and contain information how long the vehicle has been parked at that place. You can export a file in excel format from the ride, in which you can find the exact time and location of the vehicle.

The GEO FENCE allows you to send an email notification when the vehicle is leaving the marked area 

(if the vehicle driver accidentally leaves the planned route)

live tracking camera profio

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Great is the LISTEN & TALK function so it is possible to directly hear and talk to the car crew through the built-in speakers on the camera

the car camera with 3G

6 glass lenses in lens

The six-layer glass lenses ensure a high resolution of the shots with an excellent balance of colors for day and night driving.

car camera profio x1 glass lens

FULL HD 1080 video quality

The PROFIO Tracking Cam X1 provides excellent image capabilities. The shots will be captured with great clarity. Everything captured by this camcorder will be transferred to smooth and amazing videos.

Profio camera resolution of video

Support of WDR function

PROFIO Tracking Cam X1 supports the WDR function. WDR is the cutting-edge technology applied into the camcorder, regardless of whether the environment is too bright or the dark, the image of the camera is always clear and bright.

Profio WDR function

Full 3 lanes coverage with 140° wide-angle lens

 In order to reduce the blind points, PROFIO Tracking Cam X1 uses a 140° wide-angle glass lens, which comfortably captures 3 riding lanes on the road, and therefore you capture everything you need in front of vehicle.

Car camera Profio Tracking cam X1 angle of view

MediaTek smart chip

The PROFIO Tracking Cam X1 features a high performance chip MTK6580 that ensures low power consumption while delivering fast, powerful and stable camera operation.


Profio Tracking cam X1 powerful chip   

3G high speed data transfer

Camcorder model PROFIO Tracking Cam X1 supports WCDMA 3G high-speed data transfer, which can reach the speed of up to 7,2MB/s. 3G data transfer is almost 43 times faster than the outdated 2G network.

Profio Tracking cam X1 3G network

Vibrating anti-theft alarm

The device switches to vehicle protection mode after 5 minutes of stopping the vehicle engine. If the camera sensors capture vibrations in the vehicle, the alarm turns on and alerts you with the notification via a smartphone application.

Profio tracking cam x1 vibration alarm

The recording in loop

The video records are stored on the inserted micro SD card after 3 minutes. When the memory card is full, the oldest records will be overwritten by the newest records for capturing the actual images. This ensures the continuous recording in the loop.

car camera profio x1 recording in loop

Built-in G-sensor

In an emergency brake or at the impact, the G-Sensor evaluates such a situation as serious, and starts automatic saving of recording. Subsequently, locks the captured video against overwrite, so it will not be overwritten even if the SD memory card is full.

Profio camera in car g-sensor


Model: PROFIO Tracking Cam X1
CPU: ARM Cortex A7 Quad-Core 1,3GHz
Operating system: Android 5.1
Flash memory: eMMC Flash 8GB    
RAM Memory: DDR3L 1GB Frequency 533MHz
GPS GSM & WCDMA, GSM 1800/1900, HSPA + (21Mbps) EDGE GPRS
Video resolution front camera: Full HD 1080p with 30fps, H.264 encoding, adjustable shooting angle FOV (D) 140 °
Video resolution interior camera: 640 * 480px
Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n, 2,4 GHz frequency, hotspot
Remote tracking: PC & App - PC software: APP on mobile: CarMatrix
Live viewing: Both dual cameras via APP    
G-Sensor: Yes     
Microphone: Yes
Built-in speakers: Yes
Supports micro SD: up to 32GB
Power supply: 10V - 36V
Camera dimensions: 85 (L) * 55 (W) * 50 (H) mm
Camera weight: 135 g
Operating temperature -20° C ~ 65° C, (-4° F ~ 149° F)


1x Car camera PROFIO Tracking Cam X1
1x The cabling set for direct connection to fuse box 12V/24V - (length 2 meters)
1x Holder
1x 3M highly adhesive label
1x Manual 

Package contents Camera Profio - Eagle Eye



profio electronics


 The Tracking Cam X1 is a superior product of the new PROFIO ELECTRONICS brand, which closely specializes in the development and manufacture of innovative cameras that bring a new dimension into their everyday use.


Dobrý den, kamera umí "jen" 3G nebo už dnes běžný standard LTE? Díky za info, Honza S.


Dobrý deň,
Kamera podporuje maximálnu sieť 3G, ale ak sa v kamere používa SIM karta, ktorá má podporu aj novších sietí 4G, LTE, tak sa nič nedeje. Kamera bude rovnako funkčná, len prenos dát bude len v danej sieti 3G. V miestach kde je dostupná LTE sieť je dostupná aj 3G sieť. Dokonca 3G sieť môže mať väčšie pokrytie, keďže ide o trochu staršiu sieť.


Vlastním firmu a potreboval som monitorovať svoje vozidlá online v reálnom čase. Hľadal som riešenie v klasických GPS trackeroch, ale keďže táto kamera ponúka aj zobrazenie živého obrazu z kamery tak som neváhal a siahol som po tomto riešení. Náš vozový park má cca 25 vozidiel a každé jedno z nich môžem po prihlásení do app či dodávaného softwaru sledovať. Vidím tam všetky vozidlá naraz ich aktuálnu polohu a môžem si prepínať zobrazenie živého obrazu z kamery a môžem si aj spätne pozrieť záznam kadiaľ sa pohybovali. Naozaj perfektné riešenie, myslím že pre nielen pre firemných zákazníkov.


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