AHD 10,1" LCD monitor for reversing camera with display resolution 1024x600px and 3 AV inputs

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PROFIO AHD 10,1" LCD monitor designed for reversing camera with a resolution of 1024x600 display and 3 AV inputs
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PROFIO AHD LCD monitor into car 10,1"  due to its screen size and connectivity options through 3 AV inputs, has a wide range of use. With AHD screen resolution and camera 1024x600p you will see all the details clear and sharp.  You have the option to connect up to 3 reverse cameras,what you will appreciate especially when installing on larger vehicles, which need more views from different angles. With this monitor, you'll know exactly what is behind the vehicle or around it.  It is suitable for vans, minibus, caravan, bus, truck, trailers, trailers, agricultural machinery, construction machinery and other vehicles.  Includes OSD menu with which you can adjust the display according to requirements. The remote control makes it easy to control. It also includes a pair of built-in speakers and display with resolution 1024x600px with a screen 16:9.

profio ahd lcd 10,1 monitor into car

Screen size predetermines the monitor to be an ideal helper in reversing.​ The monitor is equipped with an adjustable console, which you can place on needed place. It also includes a sun visor, which ensures a clear picture without glare. In case you need to attach the monitor other way than with the enclosed bracket, we offer other three attachments, with which can be mounted on the windshield, or other place where the monitor will be reachable.


AHD 10,1" LCD monitor
Connection of up to 3 reverse cameras
Possibility of connecting other devices
OSD with remote control
Display resolution 1024x600px


Monitor specifications:

10,1" LCD monitor
Ratio: 16:9
Resolution: 1024 x 600
Input: 3 x AV
Contrast ratio: 300: 1
Adjustable: brightness, contrast, color
Voltage: 12V-24V
Power consumption: 5W
Operating temperature: -10ºC to 60ºC
Storage temperature: 20ºC to 70ºC


1x 10,1" LCD monitor AHD
1x Remote control
1x Sun visor
1x Bracket for attaching the monitor
1x Screws pack for attaching the monitor
1x Power cable
1x Manual


Dobry den ma tento monitor moznost nahravania na HDD ???


Dobrý deň, nie je to možné. Tento monitor nedisponuje možnosť nahrávať na HDD.


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