The camera in the car becomes nowadays more frequent equipment for personal cars and trucks. There are many different alternatives for customer on the market. The cameras differ with image quality and parameters, which are already starting to be the standard features of better quality cameras. PROFIO Electronics brings you a revolutionary car camera  PROFIO Tracking Cam X1. Do you want to know why is this camera so unique?


Do you also have a dilemma what camera to choose? Either WiFi cameras or cable AHD versions of parking cameras? In this article you will find answer.

The reverse camera is nowdays a common standard equipment of  new cars. Older cars do not have to be desperate, because the reversing system can be additionally mounted into the car, so you will get another safety component for driving. The reverse camera is no luxury. It is a very good and especially effective help when reversing for safety of you and your car. Nowadays, the roads are crowded with cars and it is the same even when parking. The reverse camera will ensure that you have an overview of what is  happening behind and around your car, when reversing.

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