Monitor holder with adjustable joint and fixing screw

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Monitor holder with adjustable joint and fixing screw for attaching the branded PROFIO reverse camera.
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Monitor holder with variable joint and fixing screw for attaching branded PROFIO rear camera. In case you need to mount the monitor with a different way than with the console, which is part of the monitor - then the joint monitor holder is the right choice. Using the console on the holder you can attach it to the monitor from the back side and lock it by the securing thread. Subsequently, attach the monitor onto the interior glass or where is needed. The holder has four holes, through which you can fix it with screws or with other connecting material to the desired position. The bracket has an adjustable ball joint with a fixing screw to set your monitor to the desired position.

the bracket for the reverse camera


Alternative way of attaching the monitor
Adjustable joint with fixing screw
Can be mounted on different surfaces


1x Joint holder

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