GPS car tracking in the car charger 2x USB + active listening

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GPS car tracking in the car charger 2x USB + active listening. Multifunction car socket with voice monitoring and gps tracking via app on your mobile phone.
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Multifunction GPS car charger 2x USB with voice monitoring, with easy installation and voice monitoring and vehicle status detection. With this car charger, you will not have the problem of locating your vehicle, if you will borrow it to your friend or child, so you will avoid unwanted emotions and fear or worries, whether is the crew is of the car is all right. The device comes with a freely available "TrackSolid" application (iOS, Android) for your mobile phone, with which you can track the current location of the vehicle in which the car charger is located, and also you will have an overview about the alerts.

Car charger 2x USB with GPS and wiretapping will give you enough real-time information about the monitored vehicle. At first glance it looks like a classic car charger, but it hides the GPS locator. The compact and stylish design of the device blends perfectly with the interior of your vehicle and therefore you do not have to worry that it will be revealed. The charger is compatible with all the vehicles in the market, as it is plugged into the lighter in the car.

car charger GPS 2x USB tracker

Simple installation

The most of devices in the market of GPS locators, has a very complicated installation. You do not worry, because no setup is required with this model. Simply plug the car charger into the cigarette lighter in the car and you can start using all of its features.

gps tracker in the car charger

gps car charger for tracking of vehicle

SOS emergency call

In case of an emergency, you can press the corresponding SOS button for 3 seconds to activate the alarm. The device then sends an SMS to the default mobile number and also will dial it until the call is received.

SOS emergency call gps tracker in car charger


Voice monitoring

After sending the "Monitor" command to the device via SMS, the device will answer "OK" and then will  dial the default SOS mobile number. After receiving a call, the person on the SOS number will be able to hear what is happening around the car charger or the interior of the vehicle. During listening, the device does not produce any sound or light signals and therefore it is a total unobserved listening.

car charger GPS with voice monitoring


Vehicle status detection

The device supports vehicle status detection, no matter whether is on or off. If an unauthorized person has started the vehicle without your knowledge, you will immediately get a notification to your phone.

vehicle status detection USB car charger GPS tracker


Low battery alarm

The car charger has a built-in 130 mAh lithium battery and can therefore work even after being removed from the ignition. When the battery drops to 10%, the device will send a warning SMS "Warning! Battery is low, please charge it in time!" to the default SOS mobile number. If the battery will be less than 1%, the next text message "Warning! Battery is too low, the power will go off automatically".

gps localizator in the car charger battery status


Overspeed alarm

If the vehicle is moving with a higher speed than the limit, the device will send the SMS to the default mobile number.

overspeed alarm gps locator in car charger


Sound alarm

If the recorded sound around the car charger exceeds 70 dB, the device will automatically notify you by calling to the default mobile number. The car charger with GPS locator is therefore an ideal solution to protect your vehicle.

GPS locator in car charger sound alarm



USB car charger with GPS locator
Alert at sounds above 70 db
Listening of the interior of the vehicle via phone call
Integrated battery, that ensures its functionality even when removed from the lighter
SOS button


Battery: 3,7V/130 mAh lithium
Network connection: GSM/GPRS
Frequency: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
2x USB output: 5V
Operating voltage: 9-15 V DC
Working temperature: -20 ~ 60° C in the vehicle
Max humidity: 5% - 95%
Dimensions: 84 mm x 44 mm x 38 mm
Weight: 81 g


Package contains:

1x Car charger with GPS
1x User guide

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