FULL HD reverse monitor with 10,1" touch screen LCD display for 4 FULL HD cameras

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FULL HD reverse monitor of brand PROFIO with 10,1" touch screen LCD display and the option to connect up to 4 FULL HD cameras. Usable for vans, minibus, caravan, bus, truck, semi-trailers, agricultural machines and other vehicles.
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FULL HD reverse monitor of brand PROFIO with 10,1" touch screen LCD display and the option to connect up to 4 FULL HD cameras. Usable for vans, minibus, caravan, bus, truck, semi-trailers, agricultural machines and other vehicles. This is a new generation of parking system, that provides clear, sharp daytime image even in harsh lighting conditions and all the necessary technical means for safe operation and control of motor vehicles and machinery. For even easier operation, the monitor disposes with a touch screen. The monitor allows you to switch between different cameras, depending on how many cameras you have connected and which of them you want to be displayed as the main ones. The reversing  monitor contains a menu with different options for setting up LCD monitor and cameras, which are connected to it.

Each camera can be adjusted as needed, for example an mirror image, or turn on guiding lines which you can precisely calibrate on each camera directly in the menu. The reversing monitor offers several options of cameras displaying, so you can choose the one that suits you the most.  You can handle the switching of the image between the cameras just with one finger, because you only touch with finger on the screen, just as with the smartphone. With this system, you know exactly what is behind or around the vehicle. The monitor is equipped with an adjustable bracket that can be attached to the required place, and it also includes a sun visor that ensures a clear picture and no glare.

10,1 inch reverse monitor with touch screen

The monitor can simultaneously connect up to 4 FULL HD cameras. You can select and combine the cameras from our offer by your requirements, depending on the type of vehicle. The cameras are connected to the monitor via 4pin cables with optional lengths of 10m, 15m and 20m. The 4-pin connector that connects the camera to the cable is waterproof, dust-proof and resistant to damage. Installation of the system is simple. On the monitor, there are cables for connecting cameras and powering the monitor, which is protected against overvoltage by a replaceable fuse. The cameras are powered directly from the monitor and therefore they no longer need to be connected separately to the source, making installation easier and you can place the camera anywhere on the vehicle. The monitor also includes 4 switching cables to connect the selected cameras to the reverse lights. When you reversing, the selected camera will automatically appear on the monitor. The monitor is also equipped with an HDMI input and reduction with inputs VGA + cinch input, through which you can connect various other devices, so you can also use the monitor as a classic LCD monitor. In package is except the classic console for mounting the monitor, another extension with 3D joint, allowing you to mount and set the reversing monitor into any position.

connection of 10,1 inch reverse monitor

In case you need to mount the monitor in a different way than with bracket (what is included in package), you can find in our offer another three more types of stands which allow you to attach your monitor for example onto a windscreen or where is needed. In case you need to put the camera on a trailer that is able to remove from the car or truck, you can buy in our e-shop a connecting cable of reversing camera for trailers and semi-trailers. This ensure easy disconnection of the reversing system and re-connection.


FULL HD reverse monitor
Touch screen
Wide range of settings in the display menu
Option to connect up to 4 cameras
Various options of camera displaying


Monitor specifications:

Ratio: 16:9
Resolution: 1024x600
Inputs: 4 
Contrast ratio: 800:1
Adjustable: brightness, contrast, color, reversing guiding lines
Power supply: DC 12V-24V
Power consumption: 6W
Working temperature: -20ºC to 70ºC
Storage temperature: -20ºC to 70ºC
Dimensions: 203 x112 x 28 mm
HDMI: yes
Audio output: 1W


1x 10" HD LCD monitor
1x Remote control
1x Sun visor
1x Bracket for attaching the monitor
1x 3D joint bracket
1x Screws for mounting the monitor
1x Power cable with fuse
1x Trigger for connection to the reversing lights
1x HDMI cable
1x Reduction with input VGA + RCA 
1x Manual

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